Our story begins with a childhood fascination that sparked a lifelong dream. Qui Qui Tzu, the creative force behind ALUJ Swim, grew up with a deep connection to dolphins. At the age of 8, her family relocated to the Bahamas, where her parents made a heartfelt promise – the dolphins in the ocean were hers to cherish. Each morning, she would perch on boulder rocks, serenading the ocean's dolphins with her songs, nurturing a dream that one day she'd swim alongside these magnificent creatures.
In 2016, that dream materialized on a vacation to Cancun, Mexico, when Qui Qui had the remarkable opportunity to swim with a dolphin named Aluj. Upon discovering the mistreatment and captivity of dolphins, Qui felt compelled to take action. This transformative experience was the birth of ALUJ Swim, a brand that celebrates the enchantment of dolphins and the deep connection between nature and our lives. 

Our very first collection, "Agua y Sol," translating to "Water and Sunset," was inspired by this magical encounter, reflecting the colors and sensations of that moment. Every piece in this collection carries the essence of that dream realized.

At ALUJ Swim, we've coined the term "Aluj Bae" to describe someone who possesses a keen eye for details, sets trends, and becomes an icon in their own right. Our brand is a tribute to those who appreciate the beauty in life's finer aspects and have the courage to stand out from the crowd.

So, as you explore our curated swimwear collection, remember that you're not just wearing a piece of fashion; you're wearing a piece of a dream come true, a testament to the magic of dolphins, and an emblem of your individuality. Welcome to ALUJ Swim, where we celebrate the dreamers, the trendsetters, and the icons who dare to create their own wave.